Do you exercise every day but hardly see improvement? Have you increased your supplement intake and reps, but the results are still the same? 

Worry not because this article gives you an overview of how to make the best of your workout.

What Is HIIT? 

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of bodily exercise that consists of quick, periodic spurts of strenuous activity separated by periods of rest or low-intensity activity.

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that high-intensity interval training (HIT)might be a viable alternative to classic endurance-based training, eliciting comparable or even greater physiological responses.

 Benefit Of High-Intensity Interval Workout

With HIIT, less time is required to make massive changes, and years of research have proven it. So if you still need to incorporate HIIT in your workout, read on to get motivated.

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HIIT for muscle gain: HIIT helps get that encapsulated look because the muscle cells easily burn fat during an intense exercise. A  HIIT routine combined with weight lifting will define your muscles.

HIIT for weight loss: One of the main reasons for the popularity of HIIT is that they play a major role in weight loss. It becomes more effective with a strict diet regime and supplements.

HIIT for endurance: Studies have shown that just a minute of high-intensity running boosts your endurance. This activity improves blood pressure and the mitochondria necessary to fuel your brain and body. 

The Best HIIT Routines To Include In Your Next Workout 

These are various types of equipment and exercise techniques that can be used as part of a HIIT protocol.

  1.     Bodyweight workouts

  2.     Strength training exercises (dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.)

  3.      Treadmill sprints

  4.      Stationary bike sprints

  5.      Rower sprints

  6.      Ski-Erg sprints

  7.      Boxing rounds

  8.      Battle Ropes

  9.      Sledge pushes and pulls

  10.      Burpee interval workout

  11.      Pull-ups

  12.      Jumping jacks

  13.      Mountain climb

  14.       Pushups

  15.      Bicycle crunches


There you have it, the highlight of high-intensity interval training. There is no excuse for not whipping yourself into shape. Short interval exercise paired with short rest ensures that you maintain a high heart rate to burn calories at a higher rate. 

Stay motivated.

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