Testosterone Test


Men’s Testosterone Test

As men age, particularly after 30, it is common to experience low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low muscle mass, and fatigue, due to low testosterone. 1

An at-home test provides your testosterone levels to empower a change in quality of life

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Men’s Testosterone Test

What does this test measure?

Total Testosterone: Measures the levels of both attached (bound) and free (unbound) testosterone. In men, testosterone regulates sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and red blood cell production.

Free Testosterone: Measures the level of free testosterone in the blood, which is the small percentage of testosterone that is not bound to any protein. Free testosterone is responsible for bone and muscle mass and secondary sexual characteristics in men.

Collection method: Finger prick

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Why is this test important?

This test provides valuable information about your testosterone levels and enables you to share your results with your physician to address any imbalance that may be impacting how you feel.

Who is this test for?

Men 18+ who want to learn about their testosterone levels.