Women’s Health Test


Women with a hormone imbalance may experience decreased metabolism, fertility problems, thyroid conditions, fatigue, and irritability.

A comprehensive at-home test provides women with their levels to empower a change in quality of life

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What does this test measure?

Measures 5 key biomarkers important for women’s health.

LH: Measures the level of luteinizing hormone, an important hormone for the reproductive system.

Estradiol: Measures the level of estradiol, which is a key hormone in the development and maintenance of the female reproductive system.

SHBG: Measures the level of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, a protein made by the liver that regulates sex hormones in both men and women.

Prolactin: Measures the level of prolactin in the blood, which is an important hormone for reproductive health.

TSH: Measures the level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone in your blood, which could indicate an overactive or underactive thyroid. The thyroid gland is important for metabolic rate, heart and digestive function, muscle control, mood and bone health.

Collection method: Finger prick

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Why is this test important?

This test provides valuable information about women’s health and wellness and enables you to share your results with your physician to address any imbalances that may be impacting how you feel.

Who is this test for?

Women 18+ who want to learn about important biomarkers that provide insight to their reproductive and overall health.